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How the ISN Supports Advanced Distributed Learning

People learning with a laptop and a smart phone

The ISN includes experienced professionals who promote and support technology-enhanced education, primarily in the defense and security sectors. Indeed, the products and services provided by our experts are designed to address the needs of any and all organizations working in these areas.

Logos of the PfP Consortium, ADL and SCORM

To support interoperable technology-based education, the ISN uses and promotes the e-learning standards of the US Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. Since 1999, it has also supported joint Swiss-US contributions to the Partnership for Peace Consortium. Finally, the ISN, in collaboration with ETH LET, hosts a public learning platform which features a wide range of free defense and security-related courses for those who are interested.

Our key activities:

  • Research/studies on new learning technologies and applications more
  • Training and coaching of e-Learning/ADL production specialists more
  • Evaluation/development of open-source technologies more