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DARPA human enhancement project
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Transhumanism and War

27 May 2015 Security Watch

Should military establishments increasingly rely on biotechnology to enhance their soldier’s ability to fight? Nayef Al-Rodhan has his doubts. Future ‘human enhancements’ will have far-reaching geopolitical consequences, raise considerable ethical problems, and disrupt military organizations in troubling ways. More on «Transhumanism and War»

Secretary Kerry Meets With Russian President Putin, courtesy of U.S. Department of State
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US-Russian Cooperation on Syria: The Fear Factor

27 May 2015 Security Watch

Unlike some commentators, James Larocco wasn’t surprised that Syria was the main focus of Vladimir Putin’s recent discussions with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Despite their differences over Ukraine, Moscow and Washington are united in their fear of an extremist takeover in Damascus. More on «US-Russian Cooperation on Syria: The Fear Factor»

The Chinese Navy destroyer Qingdao transits through the Pearl Harbor channel
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Modernizing the Chinese Navy’s Surface Fleet

26 May 2015 Security Watch

We’re not paying enough attention to the rapid modernization of the Chinese Navy’s surface fleet, says Shahryar Pasandideh. With 54 new surface combatants commissioned since 2004 and approximately 15 others soon to come on line, the lesson is obvious – ignoring this breakneck production schedule is both unreasonable and unwise. More on «Modernizing the Chinese Navy’s Surface Fleet»