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1914 and 2014: Is Asia on the Verge of Repeating Europe’s Slide towards War?

Satellite photo of Asia
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Satellite photo of Asia

Are the analogies being made between the outbreak of World War I and today’s security environment most applicable to Asia? If so, what does this tell us about the policy options that should be pursued in the region and beyond? These are some of the questions the Center for Security Studies (CSS) sets out to answer in its series of publications and events on the parallels between Asia today and pre-war Europe a century ago. In this dossier, we present selected materials from our Multimedia Library that supplement the CSS’s efforts.

War Risks in Asia – Deciphering 1914

Jul 2014 / Publication

Is the geopolitical context that exists in East Asia today analogous to the one that precipitated World War I in Europe? According to CSS’ Martin Zapfe and others, only one analogy works – i.e., the rise of a single power seeking to establish its dominance and hegemonic influence over others. More on «War Risks in Asia – Deciphering 1914»

Japan's Military Rebirth

Jun 2014 / Publication

Prime Minister Abe’s attempts to free Japan from its traditional military self-restraint have raised fears both at home and abroad, writes the CSS’ Michael Haas. The concerns reflect the difficulties Tokyo now faces in balancing military rebirth with moderation. More on «Japan's Military Rebirth»

China in the Indian Ocean

Jun 2014 / Publication

Will countries in the Indian Ocean region resist a permanent Chinese naval presence there, at least during this decade? That’s likely, observes the CSS’ Prem Mahadevan, but states that have significant trade relations with Beijing might find it increasingly difficult to resist its demands for access to their ports. More on «China in the Indian Ocean»

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