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The Environment and Security

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Safeguarding the environment - particularly in the interrelated context of climate change, water scarcity and population growth – has become a prominent security concern. Yet, while many analysts advocate greater cooperation on environmental security, which we’re already seeing in Europe, others fear the social, political and military consequences of trying to “rescue” the environment, particularly in vulnerable states such as China.

Environmental Security: Conflict or Cooperation?

28 Apr 2014 / Article

When we talk about competing for scarce resources, we still tend to focus on old topics such as oil. That’s got to change, say Kent Butts and Bryan McDonald. Food and the resources needed to produce it are now the greatest security challenge that most states face, which is why it’s time to cooperate on environmental security. More on «Environmental Security: Conflict or Cooperation?»

Beyond The “Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus”

29 Apr 2014 / Article

In order to improve our environmental security, should we think of water, food, energy and climate in nexus-like ways? Richard Matthew is skeptical. While ‘nexus thinking’ promises to reduce waste and inefficiency, it could also heighten inequality, instability and the potential for violent conflict. More on «Beyond The “Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus”»

Meeting Global Environmental Security Challenges: Water Scarcity, Migration and Extremism

30 Apr 2014 / Article

While water scarcity is a human security issue, it’s also a common denominator problem in other domains. According to Marcus King, that means that access to water – along with population growth and religious extremism – will be a primary source of global instability in the coming decades. More on «Meeting Global Environmental Security Challenges: Water Scarcity, Migration and Extremism »

Food Security in Europe in the Age of Global Climatic Change

01 May 2014 / Article

Since food security has become a growing concern throughout the world, Europe has begun to take it seriously. According to Rita Floyd, that’s why the region’s states are now promoting self-sufficiency, climate-resilient agricultural practices and sustainable consumption. More on «Food Security in Europe in the Age of Global Climatic Change»

China's Environmental Crisis

02 May 2014 / Article

Environmental degradation undermines China’s economic growth, bruises its international standing, exhausts public patience with the pace of reform, and endangers the ruling party. As Beina Xu sees it, only political reforms will produce the changes needed to avert a looming disaster. More on «China's Environmental Crisis»

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