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Here Come the PC-16

Two workers on a construction site, courtesy of Bill Jacobus/flickr
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China’s economic transformation is expected to help a host of developing nations reap the benefits of low-wage industrialization. However, while the emergence of the so-called Post China-16 (PC-16) will add a new dimension to the global economy, we need to remember that these countries are located in volatile regions. The PC-16’s economic growth will thus depend on their abilities to cope with a host of security-related problems. What they won’t have to worry about, however, is the developed world trying to parallel their efforts. If Japan and the US are anything to go by, reintroducing high-wage reindustrialization to stimulate economic growth isn’t a viable option for them.

Opportunities in Economic Crisis

25 Nov 2013 / Article

Can the low-end manufacturing potential of the Post-China 16 states benefit a faltering global economy? Karen Hooper thinks so. These countries not only have a readily available labor force, they have also enacted policies that allow them to exploit their political, regulatory and geographical advantages. More on «Opportunities in Economic Crisis»

Is Indonesia Ready for PC-16 Status?

26 Nov 2013 / Audio

Given Indonesia’s sound economic base and ideal demographic mix, is it ideally suited to benefit from low-wage industrialization? As Makmur Keliat warns in today’s podcast, long-term environmental insecurity and growing political unrest may prevent this economic next step from happening. More on «Is Indonesia Ready for PC-16 Status?»

Mexico Makes It

27 Nov 2013 / Article

The rapid growth of Mexico’s manufacturing and services sectors arguably makes it the economic powerhouse of the Post-China 16. Shannon O’Neil warns, however, that if the country wants to build on its success, it needs to address a number of familiar problems, most notably its struggle with organized crime. More on «Mexico Makes It»

The Path to Renewed Growth

28 Nov 2013 / Article

Should developed states have their own version of the PC-16 strategy -- i.e., should they try to kick-start economic growth with high-wage reindustrialization? Not according to Dean Baker. He thinks that the West should take a page out of Japan’s playbook if it wants to recover from its economic malaise. More on «The Path to Renewed Growth»

“Hollowing Out” in U.S. Manufacturing: Analysis and Issues for Congress

29 Nov 2013 / Article

U.S. manufacturers are less dependent upon foreign value added than manufacturers in many other countries, at least with respect to goods traded in international markets. That's the finding of a recent report by the Congressional Research Services' (CRS) Marc Levinson. More on «“Hollowing Out” in U.S. Manufacturing: Analysis and Issues for Congress»

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