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Southern Africa: Towards Bipolarity?

South African soldiers, courtesy of US Marine Corps/Wikimedia Commons
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South African Soldiers

While South Africa remains a political and economic powerhouse, Angola’s rising star might push their neighborhood towards a new bipolar dynamic. Only time will tell what impact this potential rivalry might have, inter alia, on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) - an organization which continues to seek regional solutions to security and governance-related problems. Despite SADC’s efforts, however, deeper integration remains unlikely, particularly in the case of monetary union. The prospects for a common resource management system are also poor – many of the region’s states are still not ‘sovereign’ enough to make it work.

Southern Africa Regional Security Complex: The Emergence of Bipolarity?

24 Sep 2013 / Special Feature

Southern Africa is a sparsely populated, mineral-rich region that is politically and economically dominated by Pretoria, right? Wrong, argues Igor Castellano da Silva. The region is becoming increasingly ‘bipolar’ with Angola’s material capabilities now rivaling South Africa’s. More on «Southern Africa Regional Security Complex: The Emergence of Bipolarity?»

Governance and Security Challenges in Post-Apartheid Southern Africa

25 Sep 2013 / Article

Dealing with the root causes of conflict means addressing them through preventative and early action. Today, CCR keeps this principle firmly in mind as it evaluates the efforts of the SADC to tackle the region’s governance and security problems. More on «Governance and Security Challenges in Post-Apartheid Southern Africa»

Is SACU Ready for a Monetary Union?

26 Sep 2013 / Article

How can Southern Africa integrate itself further? According to Hilary Patroba and Morisho Nene, the South African Customs Union (SACU) could adopt a single currency. Unfortunately, the performances of region’s economies remain so diverse that such a union wouldn’t work. More on «Is SACU Ready for a Monetary Union?»

The Economic Gateway to Africa?

23 Sep 2013 / Special Feature

Because of its location, geography and extensive transport infrastructure, South Africa is the economic gateway to the African continent. However, to maintain this status, write Peter Draper and Sören Scholvin, Pretoria will self-consciously have to remain at the center of regional development and integration. More on «The Economic Gateway to Africa?»

Southern Africa: Towards a Common Resource Management System?

30 Apr 2013 / Video

Establishing a common resource management system may be necessary, but are Southern Africa’s states up to the task? Fernando Loureiro Bastos is skeptical. Mutual cooperation depends on two things that remain limited in the region – state sovereignty and international standing. More on «Southern Africa: Towards a Common Resource Management System?»

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