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North America: Issues in Focus

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United States of America

Following last week’s discussion on North America’s changing context and dynamics, this week we explore how the United States’ and Mexico’s grand strategies may develop over the next few years. We also examine the potential security implications of organized criminal violence, the US-Canadian divide over the Arctic, and North America’s burgeoning natural gas ‘revolution’.

North America’s ‘Contrasting’ Grand Strategies

27 May 2013 / Special Feature

North America’s regional stability and global standing inevitably rest upon the strategic outlook of its largest actors. Today, we consider how the United States’ and Mexico’s respective grand strategies may evolve over the coming years. More on «North America’s ‘Contrasting’ Grand Strategies»

Countering Criminal Violence in Central America

Apr 2012 / Publication

Despite Mexico’s recent successes, criminal violence throughout Central America continues to pose problems for the US and its immediate neighbors. Today, the CFR’s Michael Shifter explains the causes behind the violence and what Washington can do to curb its effects more effectively. More on «Countering Criminal Violence in Central America»

The Arctic Policies of Canada and the United States: Domestic Motives and International Context

Jul 2012 / Article

Despite close economic and political ties, the United States and Canada hold diverging views toward the Arctic region. Today, SIPRI’s Kristofer Bergh outlines how domestic factors on both sides of the border are influencing Washington’s and Ottawa’s Arctic policies. More on «The Arctic Policies of Canada and the United States: Domestic Motives and International Context»

Natural Gas in the US Economy: Opportunities for Growth

06 Nov 2012 / Publication

Because of new shale extraction techniques, the United States’ domestic gas production continues to grow. Today, the CRS’ Robert Pirog and Michael Ratner wonder how the political and economic power produced by this industry might shape future policies in Washington. More on «Natural Gas in the US Economy: Opportunities for Growth»

The Future of US-Mexico Relations

02 Apr 2013 / Video

In today’s video, Robert Pastor et al consider how drugs, migration, trade policies and other cross-border issues will continue to dominate the political and security dynamics of US-Mexican relations. More on «The Future of US-Mexico Relations»

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