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Pollution, courtesy of Billy Wilson /flickr
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To What Extent is Climate Change Now a Threat to International Security?


Both senior policymakers and general publics have concluded that climate change now poses a threat to international security. But just how real is this perceived threat? And does it follow that bodies such as the UN Security Council should focus on the problem, or are there other agencies and organizations that are better suited for the task? More on «$mainObject.getPropertyValue("ICOMMON_TITLE" )»

Counter Piracy Operations, courtesy of UK Ministry of Defence /flickr
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Piracy and Maritime Security


What causes maritime piracy and why does it occur where it does? While it is true that piracy thrives under conditions of economic deprivation, state failure and general disorder, as in the case of Somalia, there are also instances when it depends on a degree of security and informal governance that truly anarchic circumstances cannot provide. More on «$mainObject.getPropertyValue("ICOMMON_TITLE" )»

F18 taking off the USS Harry Truman, courtesy of US Navy/wikimedia commons
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Air Power vs. Sea Power?


With the appetite for future land wars at a low ebb, proponents of air and sea power have an opportunity they really haven’t had since the late 1990s – i.e., to promote their respective ‘brands’ as the most effective instrument of a state’s military and geopolitical power. But is there really a debate to be had over which ‘brand’ is most useful, especially given that one of the most formidable instruments of state power – the aircraft carrier– effectively blends them together? More on «$mainObject.getPropertyValue("ICOMMON_TITLE" )»