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New Years Outlook, courtesy of  Robert Couse-Baker
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2015 and Beyond


Many of our partners begin each year by predicting what will happen over the next 12 months. In this dossier, you'll find the soothsaying articles we featured on our website in early 2015. You'll also find a selection of ISN Multimedia Library materials that focus on related futurology-oriented topics. More on «$mainObject.getPropertyValue("ICOMMON_TITLE" )»

The pincers of a PackBot battlefield robot picking up a pocketknife, courtesy Michael J MacLeod/Wikimedia Commons
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The Past and Future of International Relations and Security


For better or worse, history is often invoked to help us understand the foreign and security policy dilemmas of the past, present or future. In this dossier, we look at different examples of this practice. More on «$mainObject.getPropertyValue("ICOMMON_TITLE" )»

Electrical power masts with high tension cables, courtesy of European Commission

Energy Security 2014


Over the last year, global energy security has been buffeted by shifting geopolitical winds. In this dossier, we look at 1) Russia’s latest attempts to manage its energy relations with both Western and East Asian states, and 2) how the United States’ shale energy revolution might impact its strategic interests in the Middle East. More on «$mainObject.getPropertyValue("ICOMMON_TITLE" )»