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May 2002

Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

The Nature of the Problem

This report focuses on events that have occurred in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) in the two-year period from the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement by NATO and the Yugoslav Army (VJ) in June 1999 to the end of December 2001. Chapter 2 explores the dynamics behind the supply and demand of SALW in the FRY with particular reference to: the links between conflict and possession of weapons by civilians and security forces; the links between organised crime and civilian possession of weapons; cultural aspects of violence and weapons possession; and other economic, socio-political and security factors. Chapter 3 looks at the production and transfer of SALW in the FRY. Chapter 4 discusses what has been done to tackle SALW diffusion and finally, chapter 5 contains the recommendations of the expert group.

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Ian Davis