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Think Global - Act European II

The Contribution of 14 European Think Tanks to the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian Trio Presidency of the European Union

The EU Trio Presidency of Spain, Belgium and Hungary is not just another round of rotating presidencies. It comes at a crucial moment of transition and profound change in European governance, involving new actors, new rules and new priorities. The challenge is not only about finding the right compromises to put the new institutional apparatus into place but to take its full potential for increasing urgently the efficiency of policy-making at EU level and timely allowing the EU to take fundamental decisions in a worrying international context. The Trio is also confronted with an existential problem: with the creation of a stable President of the European Council and an enhanced function of High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, does the rotating presidency still matter and what is the place of the Trio?

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Elvire Fabry, Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul, Ignacio Molina, Jacques Keller-Noëllet, Attila Ágh