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October 2006

Energy and Security: The Geopolitics of Energy in the Asia-Pacific

This report discusses the geopolitics of energy in the Asia-Pacific region. The report locates energy security at the nexus of critical policy issues, such as national grand strategy, military force modernization, maritime security and environmental policy. The authors analyze the energy security strategies of the different states from the perspective of policymakers responsible for the broader national security policy and not from the more technical point of view of the energy industry. The authors explain that if the energy security strategies of the major states can be coordinated, then the benefits to the international system, in terms of stability of energy prices and lessened geopolitical tensions, will be significant.

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Manjeet Singh Pardesi, Amitav Acharya, Premarani Somasundram, Young Ho Chang, Joey Long Shi Ruey, Tang Shiping Hiro Katsumata, Vladimir I. Ivanov