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15 February 2012

No 35-36: The Role of the EU in the South Caucasus

Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD) Cover

Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD) Cover

The articles in this issue of the Caucasus Analytical Digest look at recent developments in the EU's policies in the Southern Caucasus and their impact on countries in the region. The first article examines the EU’s conflict resolution policies in the region. The second looks at the difference in alignment of the South Caucasus countries with the EU’s Common and Foreign Security Policy (CFSP). The third analyzes the EU’s support of civil society in the South Caucasus. The fourth examines the potential of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) between the EU and Georgia. The final article looks at how the Eastern Partnership policies could promote human rights and democracy in Azerbaijan. The issue also includes the results of an opinion poll on the attitudes in the Southern Caucasus towards the EU.

© 2012 Center for Security Studies (CSS), Heinrich Böll Foundation, Resource Security Institute (RSI), Research Centre for East European Studies (FSOE)



Franziska Smolnik, Sebastian Mayer, Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan, Badri Kochoradzem, Anar Mammadli


Lili Di Puppo, Hans Gutbrod, Iris Kempe, Matthias Neumann, Robert Orttung, Jeronim Perović, Heiko Pleines