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October 2011

Leadership, Peace, Stability, and Prosperity in the DRC

President Joseph Kabila, courtesy US DoD/Wikipedia
Public Domain Public Domain

Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila

Throughout its history, the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC) leadership has lacked three attributes needed to ensure the country’s welfare. These are: a real vision for the DRC, the competence and ability to execute the vision and the character needed to ensure the realization of the vision with sound judgment, integrity and equity. This Special Report argues that to free itself from this predicament, the DRC needs the Congolese people both within and outside the country to 1) help enact needed reforms in democratic governance and electoral reform, 2) create a favorable environment for investment, 3) reform the mining sector, 4) improve the health and education systems and 5) strengthen the DRC’s judiciary.

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Kitenge N’Gambwa