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Rysiek | 1 October 2008

"... To which the Pope (he said) instantly rejoined: "Don't blame me. Blame that maniac John XXIII!"

I wonder how the Pope, who took part of his name from John XXIII and
who elevated John XXIII to heights of sanctity, could use such diminishing words.

Michel Hess | CSS | Zurich | 14 October 2008

Dear Andrew
what is the point of your article? Alliances, short or long-term, strategic or tactical, are always costly. This is unimportant. The point is whether alliances have a positive balance sheet when all is said and done. You write that Saakashvili is no dictator and that the White House needs to make sure he's not allowed to become one. Wrong. Georgian civil society and the opposition under Burjanadze will do this, most certainly not the US. This is not the early 1990s, it's 20 years later.

Matt | Feral Jundi | Boise, Idaho | 20 November 2008

Excellent article. A responsibility to protect is just another fancy way of saying "doing the right thing." We stood by while the Rwandan genocide happened, and now we are standing by while places like the Congo and the Sudan go to hell. There comes a point where something must be done and we can no longer look the other way. PSC's are a tool that could be used to bring peace and stability to these places. To do nothing is criminal.

manoj | pune | 9 September 2010

the author is not aware of the facts. author had her own set of thoughts and imaginations which had created a mind set which resulted in this disgusted artical. if she know too much then she should read history. about corrouption that she is telling in indian politics is every where. and we are fighting with it. in my opinion such articals should never be published, just get publicity for the artical she is writing rubish things, i think she should be more sensitive to criticality of the issue rather then writing whatever she thinks of. completly disagree...