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31 July 2013

EPIK Young Leaders Conference 2013

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When is conflict ‘better’ than cooperation? This is the theme of the 2013 EPIK Young Leaders Conference and Essay Competition, an event proudly sponsored by the ISN.

Here are some counterfactual questions for you – Is conflict necessarily a bad thing? Is it always a worse option than cooperation? Are there indeed circumstances where conflict has the potential to be a source of cooperation, creation and constructive transformation? These were some of the questions up for discussion at the 2013 EPIK Young Leaders Conference and Essay Competition, which has been staged by our partners at the East Asia Institute (EAI) on 8 August in Seoul, South Korea.

EPIK – which is an acronym for the Exchange Panel for Interdisciplinary Knowledge – was created in 2009 by graduates of the EAI internship program. Its annual Young Leaders Conference and Essay Competition provides a platform for academic exchanges and personal networking by students involved in such areas as international peace and security, democratization, economic development, and environmental politics.

As one of the proud sponsors of this year’s proceedings, the ISN provided prize money for one the best student papers on the transformative power of conflict. This paper, and others, will soon be featured prominently on our website. Please look for them in the near future.

To find out more about EPIK and its Young Leaders Conference go here.


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