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ISN Internship Program

The application process has begun for our Summer Internship 2015 program. »More

The ISN will be accepting applications between 1 and 31 January 2015 for its internship program. Applicants are expected to contribute to the organization's content acquisition, information management and publishing activities over a six week period. We are looking for graduate students or undergraduate students in their final year of study.

You can find more information on the internships page and can apply via the ETH job portal.

Student Library Coordinator (40%)

We are looking for a Student Library Coordinator (40%) who will help us diversify and expand our Multimedia Library. »More

We are looking for a Student Library Coordinator (40%). As a member of our Multimedia Content Team,  you will 1) contribute to the maintenance and diversification of the ISN’s Multimedia Library, and 2) gather, catalog and index multimedia resources, most of which are provided by the ISN’s partner organizations. (Note: The cataloging includes writing original abstracts that describe the resource’s content.)

For further information and to apply for this position please visit the ETH job portal.